Pro player inspires the next generation


There are volleyball organisations in England that are making small steps towards elite sport. One of these players is Meg Viggars, a professional British volleyball player, currently playing for ASPTT Mulhouse (....).

(...) “Joining the Academy is a good choice. If you can train every single day, then it is a very good step to your future professional career. Fingers crossed for all of the students in Pro Volley.”



Pro Volley Academy never rests on its laurels. Training has been ongoing since September in order to fulfil its aims. The volleyball school worked hard for the first months to show that the promises offered during recruitment came to fruition.

The most recent evidence for this is the call up to the junior National England Team. Two of the nine players received notification of their inclusion in Coach Keith Trenham’s short list for his training camp. 

The call ups are not the only success story for Pro Volley Academy (...)

Recruitment starts. Pro Volley looks for young tallents


The London centre for volleyball excellence has started its recruitment for the upcoming academic year (2021/22). The „one of a kind” educational program has the aims of combining top level free academic education with professional volleyball coaching.

In the second year of the programme, the academy is looking for 16 year-old boys and girls. These must already be volleyball players of an advanced level; they must also have completed their GCSEs or BTEC level 2 qualifications (or their international equivalents). Training and education will take place at Northolt High School in West London.

road to german proffesional league


His name is Robert Poole and he is a Professional Volleyball athlete playing for VC Gotha in the 2. Bundesliga South in Germany.

Have you ever had a lifelong dream and the chance to turn it into a reality? Have you ever thought about playing a sport professionally? For him the opportunity to play professional volleyball was something he had set as a goal since he first started playing the sport. How did you get to Bundesliga? When did he decided to move to the USA to study and play?


Why should you consider the US for university?


"One of the biggest decisions in my Volleyball career to date is definitely deciding to pursue a degree in the USA.

When I was applying it was still developing as a possible option for English volleyball athletes. There were only a select few who had decided to make the move across the pond, Ian McKellar, Jermaine Miles, Mechell Daniel…… As with everything it all has to start somewhere. For me, it all started with a conversation with my junior coach Darren Lewis and Mechell about how the process works and what the US would have to offer and from there my journey to obtaining a US Scholarship at the University of Mount Olive began."

Credits: Robert Poole:

A few questions to consider asking when looking at a pro contract


"I think it’s quite normal to be nervous when moving to a new club. This is especially so in volleyball as contracts are usually only for a single season, so you could be changing environments frequently. There are plenty of ways that you can help yourself to feel more comfortable during the settling in period with a new club and ways to maintain this feeling throughout the course of the season. The worst feeling is when you arrive at a club and are left to your own devices, especially if the team have not yet started full time training. You can start to get restless, overdo things and cause yourself an injury or worse, start to doubt whether this is the right club for you.

So, in addition to the usual questions about training frequency & times, money, benefits, insurance, physio/support, injuries/contract termination etc., what are the extra questions that I would ask a club before I decide whether to sign a contract with them?"

Credits: Robert Poole: